Motorola’s 14 Questions Framework


14 questions useful for considering the potential of new entrepreneurial ventures.
Subject: Strategy/Frameworks
Source: Motorola
Question Focus
1. What exactly is the problem(s) that you want to solve? Focus, Focus, Focus
2. Who are you solving them for? (i.e.: the customer) Target / Market Niche
3. How many customers are likely to have these problems? Market Size
4. How do you intend to solve these problems? Product / Services
5. Why is your solution better than other options? Competitive Advantage
6. What can you do that no one else can do? Core Competencies / IP
7. What are your competitors likely to do when you enter the market? Competitive Positioning
8. How do you intend to enter the market? Market Entry
9. What is your long term vision for your business? Business Model Long Term
10. How do you intend to make money? Business Model Short Term
11. What is the food chain for your new industry? Business Fit in Industry
12. Where is your Business Plan-Status? Structure, Distribution Plans
13. If we gave you the money you need what would your company look like in ten years? Test Vision Stated
14. What are your plans for overseas? Global Understanding

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