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MBA Boost is for you!

MBA Notes available on Kindle

MBA Boost is a collection of management course notes, analytical tools, strategy frameworks, article summaries, and more designed to enhance your business knowledge. On this site you will find a lot of free content. In addition, you can purchase the complete content package which includes:

  1. A .pdf e-Book (more than 300 pages)
  2. A collection of useful downloadable files (e.g., MS Excel files, etc.)
  3. Online, searchable access to the content

Update: The core content is now available as an e-Book on the Kindle store. It has been renamed MBA Notes but contains the same material.

  • Worried about preparing for your MBA program?
  • Forgotten a lot of what you once learned?
  • Looking to get ahead in your career?
  • Wish you had a way to save time and improve your results during your MBA studies?

MBA Boost can help!

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Whatever your place in the MBA cycle, MBA Boost is for you. Why? Because it does what any good tool should – it makes your life easier and boosts your productivity.

In fact, MBA Boost was designed to serve as:

  • A prep kit for prospective students to gear up for their MBA experience
  • A survival kit for current students to save time and get a competitive edge throughout their MBA course of study
  • A review kit for MBA alumni to refresh all those skills learned and since forgotten
  • An equalizer for managers without an MBA, giving them access to the material studied by their MBA colleagues

Most of the MBA Boost content is free on this site but you can also opt to purchase an enhanced package and/or a Kindle version of the text (doesn’t include many useful extra files). More info…


I have always wanted a concise business roadmap which compiles all the relevant business tactics learnt in the business school, and have even thought of consolidating my own survival kit. This is like a dream come true.

It’s packed full of great resources and it’s my first stop when I’m trying to solve a new business problem.

All the materials presented here are hepful. its like a one stop shop. Thanks for making it available.

I must say that this is among my most valuable reference, ‘go to sites’, for valuable info…

Absolutely wonderful! A quick snapshot at the essentials of Marketing! Highly appreciated

Wonderful!! This is MBA made easy!! Thanks a ton mbaboost.

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