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MBA Boost – What is It? What You Get

  • A downloadable .pdf e-Book with more than 300 pages of useful information
  • Lifetime access to all online material
  • Multiple bonus download files including Powerpoint presentations, a statistics textbook, several Excel spreadsheets and more…

MBA Boost – Contents

Below is an overview of the contents you will receive. Read the Table of Contents for a more complete listing.

Course Notes for the following:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Statistics
  • Business Law

MS Excel Case Analysis Template with the following features:

  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow template
  • Automatic calculation of key ratios based on Financial Statements
  • Breakeven analysis page
  • Quick reference and layout for Porter’s 5 Forces framework
  • Quick reference and layout for Harvard’s FIT framework
  • Quick reference for a Value Chain analysis
  • Quick reference for important number crunching
  • Quick reference for valuation techniques
  • List of important questions to ask
  • An overview of Venture Capital financing and philosophy

Article Synopses

Career-Related Information

Historical Economic Data, including time-series tables for the following:

Notes on Leadership

Reference Sources for the following information:


  • Complete write-up on case method, why it’s used, analysis and number crunching
    guidelines, ratio analysis, preparation, presentation, and write-up hints, and how to get
    the most out of case analysis.
  • A detailed description and MS Word Template for Michael Porter’s 5 Forces Framework
  • A comprehensive listing of Finance Formulae
  • A MS Excel Amortization Model
  • A selected bibliography of suggested readings
  • T-Distribution and Z-Distribution tables
  • A presentation of some alternatives to Porter’s framework

MBA Boost – Product Benefits

Benefits Enjoyed by All:

  • Compact and Convenient – find all the core content in one convenient .pdf file with extra content provided as
    additional .pdf, .exe or MS excel files as appropriate.
  • No extraneous garbage – information is compiled in concise formats – don’t get
    bogged down with filler paragraphs!
  • Economical – all this valuable information for about the price of an average b-school book.
  • Online access access the material in MBA Boost from any computer; browse by subject or use the powerful keyword search tool.

Prospective MBA Students

  • Get a head start on the demanding program that will consume the upcoming months
    or years of your life.
  • Learn tools and tricks to be more efficient and thorough in any MBA program.

Current MBA Students

  • Analyze cases thoroughly in a quick and consistent manner, thus aiding in the
    development of an ability to spot patterns and increase overall learning effectiveness.
  • Save time with financial statements and ratio analysis – something no case
    analysis should be without!
  • Use existing cheat sheats or minimize time required to prepare your
  • Use as an interview preparation tool to handle those tough job interviews
    (especially I-Banking and Consulting).

Current Managers and Executives

  • Quickly find valuable business concepts, data and/or formulae
    forgotten from infrequent use.
  • Access historical time-series economic data.