Strategy Methodology


A graphical look at the terminology and pathways involved with crafting a business unit strategy.

strategy methodology and terms

Strategy Terminology

Business issue: A question which expresses a business concern or the uncertainties which must be resolved to achieve the company’s objective. Issue questions are not rhetorical, they should have clear alternative solutions, significant consequences of deciding one way vs. another.

Framework: A way of looking at a business issue; a set of building blocks, planks or beliefs that determine at a high level how we might approach the issue; ultimately translates to a collection of deliverables.

Approach-Flight Plan: A logical structure or sequence of deliverables that may span frameworks.

Deliverable: A result or insight necessary for a company to reach its objective.

Technique: A method, approach or calculation that produces a deliverable.

Tool: A spreadsheet, model, database, survey or software used by a technique to produce a deliverable.

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