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The site is user-friendly, and the design is good. Keep up the good work guys, and upload more notes Thanx.

The information I was looking for is all here, well articulated and expertly presented. Thank you.

The information is relevant for what I need for a paper for school.

I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Business Commications program online and I have an especially challenging assignment to establish both an international and local advertising program for two different products (and or services of my choosing). I want to be careful to narrow my scope and the information I found in this article will help me do just that. Thank you for the very helpful material.

Nice and concise description of the STEEP analysis process. Thanks.

You are furnishing valuable information to MBA graduates. Thank you lot.

Very good information with references.

The theory is great, however examples of businesses/non-profit organisations would be helpful to understand how the theory is applied in real life. For e.g. Your article on McKinsey’s 7-S is compared with Pascale’s adaption, but there are no examples of companies using either approach.

Great to find an outline-summary of a whole chapter! Easy to read, saved me a looot of time. Thank you!

Wonderful!! This is MBA made easy!! Thanks a ton mbaboost.

iNfOrmativE 🙂

I must say that this is among my most valuable reference, ‘go to sites’, for valuable info…

I think the artical must also feature trends in Wholesaling as it featured trends in retailing so well. Otherwise excellent.

The content is really useful and can be applicable.

Its Good resource for MBA students.

The layout of your screens and the information are easy to manipulate.

Quick run down that stimulates thoughts.

The site is very good, the diagrams are clear and easy to follow.

I found exactly what i was expecting.

Need more practical info of current market relevance and job opprtunities for MBAs around the world.

Can you give us some discussions regarding what each Topic means? specifically Strategy choices and Implementation.

Well done found it good for my studies!!

The content is concise and readily available to research

Easy to find using google to learn all what i wanted to. Good design, so also easy to find thing in texts. Good work! 😉

Absolutely wonderful! A quick snapshot at the essentials of Marketing! Highly appreciated 🙂

It had everything I needed to know about the topic I was looking for. Thanks!

Excellent resource, identifying essential elements of interest without hours reading non interests contents. Thank you for this site.

The article that you had on your site had just the information that I was looking for! Thanks

Small business trying to get marketing advise. found what i was looking for. food for thought.

Great info for use in my master’s class.

I am an accounting student, and sometimes wading through all the extraneous information in a textbook is daunting when trying to complete an assignment. This site generally gives me exactly the information I need for my research without having to comb through pages of useless text to find it.

Good content presented in an orderly manner!

The site provided excellent and to the point content to me…really impressive

The first time I use your site – it is very informative and easy to read without long drawn out complicated explanations. Thank you. I am a student just completing my bachelors and I shall continue to visit your website.

Great – helped clarify some stuff from lecture slides that were a bit vague

Better if use diagrams, because they not only help students in understanding the contents and sub-contents but are helpful in creating interest of the students (which is extremely important).

I thought the content of your site was great and was just what I needed-concise and informative. Thanks

Content is great – perhaps add full citations in major styles though, to allow visitors to locate the full source materials.

This was of great help for my final exam..really summarised things for me…

it was very helpful for my organizational theory course at the university. thank you 🙂

It’s packed full of great resources and it’s my first stop when I’m trying to solve a new business problem.

This “straight to the point” content is helpful to have basic & structural understanding of a topic, thank you so much”

All the materials presented here are hepful. its like a one stop shop. Thanks for making it available.

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