Recommended Strategy Reading


A suggested reading list from the professor of my core MBA strategy class.

“Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again” – Goethe

Business Strategy

  1. Competitive Advantage: creating and sustaining superior performance. / Porter, Michael E., 1947- / New York / 1985
  2. Competing for the Future. / Hamel, Gary and C.K. Prahalad / BBS Press, 1994.
  3. What is Strategy? Micheal E. Porter / HBR November-December 1996
  4. Strategy as Revolution / Gary Hamel / HBR July-August 1996
  5. Perspectives on Strategy: The Real Story Behind Honda’s Success / Richard T. Pascale / Califomia Management Review Vol. XXVI No.3, Spring 1984
  6. Competing on Resources: Strategy in the 1990’s / David Collis and Cynthia Montgomery / HBR July-August 1995

Game Theory and Competitor Interaction

  1. Co-opetition / Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Nalebuff. New York: Doubleday
  2. Thinking Strategically : The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life / Dixit, Avinash K. New York: Norton / 1991

Corporate Strategy

  1. From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy / Michael E. Porter / HBR May-June 1987
  2. Jemison, David B. / Managing Acquisitions: Creating Value Through Corporate Renewal. / New York / 1991

Strategy Implementation

  1. What Leaders Really Do / John Kotter / HBR May-June 1990
  2. Structure is not Organization / Robert Waterman, Tom Peters and Julien Phillips / Business Horizons June 1980
  3. Good Managers Don’t Make Policy Decisions / H. Edward Wrapp / July-August 1984

Global Strategy

  1. The Globalization of Markets / Theodore Levitt / HBR May-June 1983
  2. The Multinational Mission: Balancing Local Demands and Global Vision. / Prahalad, C. K. /New York/ 1987
  3. The Competitive Advantage of Nations / M.E.Porter / The Free Press / 1990
  4. Ghoshal, Sumantra. / Managing Across Borders : The Transnational Solution. / MIT Press, Boston, Mass. / 1989
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