McKinsey’s Nine-Cell Business Portfolio Framework


McKinsey's 9 Long-term Industry Attractiveness indicators and 7 Business Strength/Competitive Position indicators.
Subject: Strategy/Frameworks
Source: "From Strategic Planning to Competitive Planning" by Estelle Métayer | Competia, Issue 32 - November 2002

Long-term Industry Attractiveness

  1. Market size and growth rate
  2. Industry profitability
  3. Competitive intensity
  4. Seasonality
  5. Cyclicality
  6. Economies of Scale
  7. Technological and capital requirements
  8. Social, environmental, legal impact
  9. Emerging threats and opportunities

Business Strength/Competitive Position

  1. Relative market share
  2. Profit margins relative to competitors
  3. Ability to compete on price and quality
  4. Knowledge of customer and market
  5. Competitive strengths and weaknesses
  6. Technological capability
  7. Caliber of management

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