Marketing Notes – Direct and Online Marketing


Basic notes from core MBA marketing course
Subject: Marketing

Direct Marketing

  • Interactive system
  • Uses advertising media to effect
    • measurable response
    • transaction
  • Highly targeted & efficient exchanges
  • Database marketing is critical

Online Marketing

  • Most recent development
  • Channel reached by PC & modem
    1. electronic storefronts
    2. web pages
    3. forums, news groups
    4. advertising online, e-mail

Issues of Concern

  • Irritation
  • Unfairness
  • Deception & fraud
  • Invasion of privacy

Marketing on the Internet

  • Who’s doing it?
  • Whose customers are active?
  • Whose are not interested?
  • New tools / enhanced Web sites?
  • Business in cyberspace?

Cluster Analysis of Information Users

  • High Brow Information Achievers
  • Information Strivers
  • Learn & Play Families
  • Mainstream Consumers
  • Information Laggards
  • Low Brows

Organizational Impact

  • Interactive as a channel
  • Role of demographics
  • Match target audience with user profile
  • Know extent to which target audience can interact
  • Allows for more message, but …
  • Must be fun, relevant, useful- avoid information dumps
  • Invite interaction
  • Build meeting places, not libraries
  • Avoid short-term view of ROI
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