11 Rules for a Successful Interview

Subject: Career
  1. Show That You Are Knowledgeable About the Company and Its Operation
  2. Interviewers favor an applicant who has made an effort to research their firm. As an applicant it will help that you can show the interviewer in what ways you can contribute to their company.

  3. Present a Positive Attitude
  4. Preparation for the interview will undoubtedly give you self-confidence. Don’t hesitate to tell the interviewer your accomplishments and career plans. Have faith in yourself as a person.

  5. Unfreeze Your Face–Smile!
  6. Smile when you announce yourself to the interviewer, a deep down warm smile. A smile in any language says “I like you. I’m happy to meet you.”

  7. Shake Hands Firmly
  8. A firm, flat-of-palm-against-flat-of-palm handshake, thumbs crossed, with a sensation of gentle pressure, its an outward sign of strength of character–a gesture that invites trust and friendship. Believe it or not, a handshake–the simple act that it is–takes practice.

  9. Listen Attentively
  10. Hearing is not listening; you hear with your ears, you listen with your mind. In a job interview situation, unless you listen attentively, you’ll be missing out on one of the most important elements looked for in a candidate. When the interviewer speaks, look directly at him, eyeball-to-eyeball. Sit fairly upright in your chair, leaning slightly forward towards the interviewer. Don’t slouch in your seat, good posture is a prerequisite to good listening. React to ideas, not to the person. As a job applicant, you should be ever alert to what the interviewer is saying, not how he acts or what he looks like. Rid yourself of visual distractions. To keep your mind focused on the interviewer’s part of the dialogue, don’t toy with your glasses, pen or any other object likely to compete with proper listening. Respond to what you hear by appropriate changes in facial expression. You can nod your head occasionally or verbally indicate your emotional response.

  11. Be Mindful of the Physical Appearance You Project
  12. It pays to make a special effort to fit the successful image–in what you wear and in your grooming.

  13. Show Enthusiasm
  14. Enthusiasm adds luster to any personality and is a vital ingredient to success looking for a job, as it is in any line of endeavor.

  15. Approach the Question of Salary Cautiously
  16. You should not bring up salary issues unless an offer has been made.

  17. Never Create a Situation Where You Keep the Interviewer Waiting
  18. Showing up late to an interview, thereby upsetting the interviewer’s appointment schedule, is unforgivable. Sure as anything, the interview will go downhill from the very start, regardless of your alibi.

  19. Get the Interviewer to Like You
  20. You can do so by making him feel important by what you say and how you act. Show the interviewer the courtesy and respect due him by virtue of the position he holds with the company and the role he plays in the hiring process.

  21. Ask for the Job
  22. At the end of the interview express continued interest in the position.

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