Questions to Ask Recruiters

Ask questions about new products, how research and development is structured at the company, management strategies at the company, how the company has changed, and potential product growth.

The following areas should generally be avoided:

  1. Avoid asking questions that are answered in the company’s annual report or employment brochure. Recruiters are familiar enough with their own information to recognize when you haven’t done your homework. If some

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Keys to a Good Presentation

Notes From Bill Lane (Jack Welch’s Speech Writer), including the Keys to a good business presentation and the Don’ts of a bad presentation.

7 Tips for Leaving the Perfect Voicemail

When applying for a job or talking to a recruiter, voice-mail is often where you’ll leave your first impression. And a decision is made in a split second whether to return your call. Don’t blow it.

Questions to Ask an Interviewer

When that point in an interview comes where you’re asked if you have any questions, don’t be stumped. Here are some suggestions.

How to Impress Recruiters: Anatomy of an Interview

What does an interview look like from the recruiter’s chair? Which answers impress? Which comments annoy? What shoots you dead? Top recruiters, career consultants, and psychologists offer shrewd tips and subtle tricks for moving from “How do you do?” to “When can you start?”

Expanding Your Resources Beyond Campus

Career Services offices offer job search-related services to students, including on-campus recruiting, referral of resumes to employers, and job postings/listings. Although these services are an excellent source of leads, you must support these activities with your own job search; do not rely on any one method for getting a job. There are a number of factors in mounting a successful job search.

A Guide to the On-Site Interview

Most companies recruiting on campus include a company visit as a part of the hiring process. The company visit is generally a day of full interviewing and related activities at the company site. There is no way to describe every aspect of what can be expected from a company visit but here are some useful tips.

11 Rules for a Successful Interview

  1. Show That You Are Knowledgeable About the Company and Its Operation
  2. Interviewers favor an applicant who has made an effort to research their firm. As an applicant it will help that you can show the interviewer in what ways you can contribute to their company.

  3. Present a Positive Attitude
  4. Preparation for the interview will undoubtedly give you self-confidence. Don’t hesitate to tell

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Most jobs, about 80%, are in the “hidden” job market, obtained through personal contacts and referrals. It is important that everyone you know be aware that you are looking for a job so that the “word of mouth” process can begin to work on your behalf. This article outlines the network diamond model of networking.

Self Marketing

A self marketing profile encapsulates who you are and what you have to offer the job market. A self marketing profile should include these pieces.

Interview Preparation

Everyone has interviewed at some point in his life, it can be both an intimidating and exhilarating experience. However you view the interview process, the reality is that you need to understand and be prepared for this experience.