Information to Have on Yourself & Employer During an Interview


You know you need to "be prepared" for an interview, but here are some specific tips on what information you should have available about both yourself and the company.
Subject: Career

Information to Have on Yourself During an Interview

Be prepared to give examples and talk about yourself in terms of your skills.

  • Creative Skills: Develop models, experiment, apply theory, synthesize, predict, create new ideas, use imagination.
  • Organizing Skills: Keep deadlines, details, accept responsibility, reason, use logic, make contacts, arrangements, decisions, clarify, clerical skills.
  • Numerical Skills: Use computational and statistical abilities, inventory.
  • Communication Skills: Write reports, letters and promotional materials, edit, explain, speak clearly, effectively.
  • Instruction Skills: Coach, facilitate groups, design educational materials.
  • Persuasion Skills: Influence others, sell, develop trust and support, motivate, arbitrate, negotiate, advance proposals, reconcile conflict.
  • Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills: Understand, listen, question, guide, review, represent, advocate, team work.
  • Research and Investigation Skills: Identify information sources, formulate questions, design experimental models, use a variety of information, assess needs.
  • Design and Planning Skills: Set priorities, schedule time, identify alternatives, set goals, follow through, predict future trends.
  • Performing Skills: Public speaking, humor, story-telling, stage presence
  • Leadership Skills: Organize time, initiate, clarify and solve problems, take risks, self-directed, set goals and standards, assign, organize ideas, design projects, make decisions, share responsibilities, implement projects, build teams.
  • Economic/Financial Skills: Prepare and administer budgets, financial accountability.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Identify critical issues, identify general principles, define parameters of a problem, reasoning, logic, creative problem solving, analyze from any angle.
  • Evaluation Skills: Assess performance, set standards, make decisions, analysis review.

Information to Have on the Employer During an Interview

  • Organizational goals
  • Relative size of firm
  • Growth potential for security
  • Percent of annual sales growth last five years
  • Array of product or service line
  • Who are competitors?
  • Reputation
  • Organization structure by product line
  • Geographical locations – relocation policies
  • Number of plants, stores or sales outlets
  • Short-term profit picture
  • Average time in non-management assignment
  • Recent items in the news and periodicals
  • Structure assets – price of stock
  • Percent of annual growth in earnings/share
  • People you know in the company
  • Formal vs. on-the-job-training
  • Typical career path in your field
  • Company Culture
  • Consumers: Public/private, industry/business, lease/buy products
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