The Issue Lifecycle


A way of identifying the natural progression of 'issues' facing the outward PR of a business.
Subject: Miscellaneous
Source: SGCS Ltd.,

  • Phase 1 – Pre-problem
  • The problem exists and is known, but recognition is restricted.

  • Phase 2 – Alarmed discovery
  • Usually triggered off by an event – a disaster or a PR campaign – the issue rapidly captures public interest. Awareness of the issue and calls for its resolution are now rife.

  • Phase 3 – Realizing the cost of significant progress
  • As the issue has usually been vastly over-simplified for public consumption, a gradual realization of the complexity of the problem is bound to occur eventually – and when it comes a modification of the (pure) initial emotions.

  • Phase 4 – Gradual decline of public interest
  • The market for news is competitive – newer, apparently more pressing issues are brought to light.

  • Phase 5 – Post-problem phase
  • The issue has been resolved, or has been marginalized by other issues. It is no longer of immediate importance, but a collective memory exists which can be reactivated by a recurrence.

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