Case Hints – Case Analysis Evaluation


Some base case analysis tips from my OB professor at UT Austin, Marc-David Seidel
Subject: Case Work
Source: Marc-David Seidel, professor of Organizational Behavior


  • Does the paper contain analysis/evaluation (or merely a restatement of facts presented in the case?)
  • Does the evaluation identify all the major problems and opportunities facing the company/protagonist?
  • Does the evaluation exhibit an understanding of the appropriate strategic management concepts/issues?
  • Does the overall evaluation provide a good basis for making recommendations?


  • Are specific recommendations provided on all critical issues?
  • Is a good attempt made to substantiate the recommendations?
  • Is the substantiation persuasive?
  • Are the factors most critical to the success of the recommendations identified?
  • Will the recommended actions insure long-term success?

Written Communication

  • Do the exhibits support the text?
  • Is the paper logically consistent throughout?
  • Is the paper clear and concise, proofread and connected, and professionally presented?
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