Presentation Tips for Presenting Your Company, Services, etc.


General and structure tips for presenting a new business plan, your company's services, etc.
Subject: Miscellaneous

General Tips

  1. Address a tangible, recognized need; if the need isn’t recognized, you must educate the audience
  2. Be logical
  3. Differentiate yourself from others
  4. Demonstrate an emotional commitment
  5. Convince the audience you are telling the truth
  6. Use motion
    • stiff presenters are ineffective
    • take off your coat
    • move your arm
    • take some restricted steps
  7. Have a backup plan for presentation aids (overheads instead of Powerpoint, etc.)

Structure Tips

  1. Useful introduction methodology: Bait, Pitfall, Rescue
    • Bait – use an analogy or metaphor, story or anecdote, or a rhetorical question that alludes the need about to be addressed
    • Pitfall – describe the problems associated with the need and why the solution you are going to present is lacking or insufficient
    • Rescue – explain that your company, services, etc. will overcome the pitfalls described
  2. The introduction is the most critical part of the presentation; pre-sell the audience or lose them
  3. The bulk of the presentation should focus on ‘How To’ and ‘So What’ information
  4. Close with a call for action (ask for money, ask for an order, etc.)

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