Various Historical Time-Series Economic and Market Data


Includes following worksheets: WORLD MKTS - Year-End Closing Values for Various World Stock Markets WORLD MKTS 2 - Various World Stock Market Indices, converted into dollars, and adjusted to a single base for relevant comparison ADJ. WORDL MKTS - Inflation-Adjusted Stock Market World Indices (Base 12/31/89 = 100) NOM WORLD MKT RETURNS - Nominal Stock Market Returns by Decade (through 1996) US MKT - Stock Market Data Used in "Irrational Exuberance" by Robert J. Shiller S&P DIV YLDS - Standard and Poor's Composite Dividend Yields, 1871+ S&P PE RATIOS - Standard and Poor's Composite Price/Earnings Ratios WORLD CAP - Capitalization, Volume, Listed Companies and Index Change for the World's Stock Markets in 1996 WORLD CPI - World Consumer Price Inflation by Decade (though 1996) US CPI - U.S. Consumer Prices, 1820+ CPI-U - Consumer Price Index, 1963-2002 (based on CPI-U) UK CPI - U.K. Consumer Prices, 1820+ US WPI - U.S. Wholesale Prices, 1720-1996 XCHG RATE - Exchange Rates-Market - UK British Pound Daily (USD per GBP) and Japanese Yen (Yen per USD) XCHG RATE 2 - Dollar Exchange Rates by Decade GDP - U.S. Gross Domestic Product REAL GDP - U.S. Real Gross Domestic Product PER CAPITA GDP - Selected Per Capita Income and Product Items in Current and Real (1996) Dollars GDP BKDWN - A breakdown of the real U.S. Gross Domestic Product by category GNP - U.S. Gross National Product REAL GNP - U.S. Real Gross National Product FED FUNDS RATE - U.S. Federal Funds Rate PRIME RATE - U.S. Bank Prime Loan Rate PRIME RATE CHG - U.S. Bank Prime Loan Rates Changes -- Historic dates of changes and rates DISCOUNT RATE - Averages of daily Discount Rate figures, Rate for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York DISCOUNT RATE CHG - U.S. Discount Rate Changes -- Historic dates of changes and rates TREAS - U.S Treasury Constant Maturity Rate Yields 30 YR MORTGAGE - 30-Year Conventional U.S. Mortgage Rate MOODYS - Moody's Long-Term Corporate Yield Averages AAA YLD - U.S. AAA Corporate Bond Yields, 1857+ US BOND YLDS - U.S. Government Bond Yields, 1800-1995 GOLD - Gold Year End Closing Prices (per ounce) SILVER - Silver Year End Closing Prices (per ounce)
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Subjects: Economics, Reference
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