SCORE Spreadsheets


A collection of spreadsheet models created by the SCORE Association to help entrepreneurs, especially with the business plan creation process. Spreadsheets include:

- Balance Sheet: a basic BS template

- Projected Balance Sheet: a slightly different take on the other BS provided

- 4 Year Profit Projection: basically a simple Income Statement projected out four years

- Financial History and Ratios: a summary of key IS and BS line items with the calculation of some prominent financial ratios

- Breakeven Analysis: a breakdown of typical costs items into fixed and variable expenses to determine a breakeven sales level

- Twelve Month Sales Forecast: a model for forecasting products/services for the next 12 months

- Twelve Month Cash Flow: a model for tracking cash flow for the next 12 months

- Twelve Month Profit and Loss Projection: a model for tracking P&L for the next 12 months
Subject: Spreadsheets
Source: SCORE
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