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Players Analysis

An analysis of an industry’s players provides an overview of the current and potential competitors’ positions and directions with respect to strategy, objectives, capabilities, and/or other relevant dimensions. It can be used to forecast competitors’ future behavior, predict their responses, determine how they can be influenced, and to gain insights into their relative advantages and/or disadvantages.

players analysis


  1. Define players. List all potential competitors and identify key information such as revenue, profit, size, products, customers, stakeholders, mission/vision statements.
  2. Analyze players. Identify the most important competitors and define them on the basis of their industry and market perspective, define the segments in which they compete, and assess their capabilities.
  3. Summarize competitive environment. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual players. Look at: revenue and profit by business, cash flow, experience curve, stock performance, financial return measures, product/market performance.