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Organizational Behavior Course Notes – Change Management

How Can I Effectively Implement Change? What Pitfalls Will I Likely Face?

Typical Pitfalls and Ways to Manage Them


Why people resist?

Managing Resistance

Drawbacks are generally TIME, EXPENSE, and LOSS OF CONTROL

Choose between a fast strategy (to overcome resistance) or a slow strategy (to minimize resistance). When making this decision, think about the following:

Loss of Control

Organizations are designed for stability, not transition

Why loss of control happens

Managing Loss of Control

Power – Politics become more political

Why it happens

Managing Power (Politics)

Managers can improve their chance of success with change by doing the following:

Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. Having a good idea is not enough – you must convince others that the idea is significantly better than the CURRENT STATE. Change is a process of persuasion.
  2. Need support from key respected opinion leaders – key player may not be obvious at first
  3. Pace of change is critical – radical change with no perceived threat will encounter large inertial resistance