Organizational Behavior Class Notes Part II


Here are the class slides for Professor Shung Jae Shin's Management 372 class (Organizational Behavior) at Texas A&M. This file summarizes the material from chapters 11-18 of the textbook Organizational Behavior by D. Hellriegel, J.W. Slocum, & R.W. Woodman (9th ed. Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western Publishing 2000)

Ch. 11 - Leadership I
Ch. 12 - Leadership II
Ch. 13 - Interpersonal Communication
Ch. 14 - Decision Making
Ch. 15 - Job design
Ch. 16 - Organizational Design
Ch. 17, 18 - Organizational Culture/ Design
Subject: Organizational Behavior
Source: Professor Shung Jae Shin (Texas A&M)
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