Marketing Notes – Integrated Marketing Communications


Basic notes from core MBA marketing course, focusing on marketing communications
Subject: Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • What is meant by marketing communications?
  • Importance is clear but …
  • What is the best means to implement a marketing communications program?
  • Integrated marketing communications focuses on discrete customer segments

The IMC Planning Process

  • Based on a longitudinal consumer purchase database
  • Recognizes consumer’s new and powerful role
  • Implemented according to needs and lifestyles of selected target markets
  • May be the only sustainable competitive advantage

The IMC Planning Process

  • Promotional strategy must evolve to reflect current dynamics
  • Current changes include …
  • The other “Ps” must be supportive

Changing Role of Advertising

  • Traditional use of advertising has diminished
  • Advertising agencies must adapt to survive
  • Is this an ad or a TV program?

Seeking Benefits in Sales Promotion

  • Short-term orientation
  • Direct and measurable impact
  • Speed of sales response
  • Strategic use
  • Traditionally used at point of sale
  • “Frequency marketing programs”

Dabbling in Direct Marketing

  • Replacement for advertising
  • Great portability and reach
  • Ability to measure response
  • Pinpoint marketing and quick response
  • No retail channel

Public Relations Equals Proven Success

  • Consistent public relations activities
  • Opportunities for cost-effective differentiation
  • Help foster a total corporate communications package
  • What can strategic public relations do?
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