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IT Management Issues Overview

Using IT

IT is an Important Organizational Design Tool

Creating Strategic Advantages with IT

Managing IT: Role of CIO and General Manager

Role of the CIO in planning information systems

Role of the general manager in planning information systems

Managing IT: the Internet

Sustainability of IT Advantages

IT Imperatives Framework

Network Externalities

A good is more valuable to a user the more users adopt the same or compatible good. Externality can be direct (user benefits b/c others using same network – e.g. phones) or indirect (greater number of complementary products). Network externalities can lead to two potential inefficiencies: excess inertia (users wait to adopt a new technology or to choose among several technologies) and excess momentum (consumers rush to an inferior technology for fear of getting stranded). On the demand side, externalities give rise to multiplicity of equilibria, to inefficiencies, and to a need for coordination even when the technologies are supplied competitively. On the supply side, the choice of technologies relates to the problem of product diversity. On both sides, decisions by firms and users to adopt certain technologies give rise to games of timing, the two polar cases of which are wars of attrition and preemption games.

What are Protocols?