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Interview Preparation

Everyone has interviewed at some point in his life, it can be both an intimidating and exhilarating experience. However you view the interview process, the reality is that you need to understand and be prepared for this experience.

You are the Expert

The interview is all about you; you are the expert in this situation. Your job in the interview is to make sure the recruiter has enough information to make a yes decision at the end of the meeting. It is important to talk about your strengths and achievements throughout the interview. Try to make a strong case for the good fit between you and the job and you and the company/industry. Although it may appear that the interviewer has all the control in the interview, you must direct him toward the experiences and accomplishments that highlight your abilities and strengths.

The Key is Preparation

It is imperative to prepare yourself for this meeting, do not wing it!
Preparation is two fold. You must do a self-assessment of how your abilities and experiences match the job and also research the organization well.

Focus On You

Review your resume with the job you are interviewing for in mind.

Focus on Company Organization

Basics of Interviewing