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Coaching Strategies – Ways to battle your own Achilles’ heels

Following are James Waldroop’s 12 Achilles’ heels, along with short descriptions of them and some ways to begin grappling with them.

Acrophobe: Never feels good enough.

Meritocrat: Thinks the world should be black and white. Resents that the world demands negotiation and the selling of ideas. If something is “right,” that should be enough.

Hero: Pushes hard and does too much. Causes others to burn out and is destructive within an organization, leaving behind him a trail of “dead bodies,” or coworkers who couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Peacekeeper: Always avoids conflict. Not a peacemaker, but someone who fears change and prevents innovation.

Bulldozer: Runs roughshod over others. Managers often praise their willingness to knock down walls to get things done — despite the coworkers on the other side of those walls.

Rebel: Always looking for a cause that doesn’t exist.

Home-run Hitter: Swings for the fence and has unrealistic ambitions. Always disappointed at failures, but would have more successes if she could settle for a few singles.

Pessimist: Always on the down side and is defensive and risk-averse. Thinks she is defending the organization when, in truth, she stagnates it.

Mr. Spock: Emotionally tone-deaf.

The Coulda-been: Thinks that no job is ever good enough and that life is full of near misses.

Loose Lips: No sense of boundaries. Always talking out of turn. Lets things slip.

Lost Path: Work is without meaning. Lost passion about a job, but stays on without energy.