BizEd Between the Sheets


This excellent set of spreadsheets was created by Duncan Williamson for Biz/Ed (an excellent site). It contains MS Excel (usually version 97 or above) files that offer introductions to various business topics along with illustrations of how a spreadsheet can be used to work with those topics. Spreadsheets (modules) include:

1. Introduction to balance sheet and income statement (covers basics of financial accounting)

2. Markups and margins (discusses different ways to measure profit)

3. Gearing (looks at different forms of financing; gearing is the relationship between long-term capital and capital employed)

4. Depreciation (gives overview to concept and discusses different methods)

5. Cost analysis (looks at analyzing the costs of an organization)

6. Cost volume profit analysis (further develops cost analysis module and applies its principles in a variety of settings - includes break-even, margin of safety and profit volume)

7. Budgeting (master budget exercise looking at cash budget, income statement, and balance sheet)

8. Elasticity (looks at elasticities of demand, income, cross, advertising, and supply)

9. Profit maximisation (focused on economist's view of costs, revenue, and production opportunities but does offer some contrasts with accountant's view) Note: all 9 files are included in one zip file.
Subjects: Learning Tools, Spreadsheets
Source: BizEd / Duncan Williamson (visit original source)  
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